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Get Off My Stage!

March 3, 2012


Ok people. Enough's enough. I've had it with the lack of personal responsibility in society lately. Yes, I procrastinate like nobody's business at times. I realize this about myself. It's a short coming I'm working to over-come and I'm doing exercises to work on this (and no I don't mean going to the gym kinda exercises, although that's also necessary). But, that's not the type of personal responsibility I'm reffering to. I'm talking about the responsibility of not only ourselves, but our friends and as a society to step up and tell ourselves or someone else that "Ok. That's enough".



There are far too many examples where we make excuses for a persons personal decisions or we blame others for our lackof awareness. If you're texting while driving and you hit someone then own up to it. If you're walking outside and it's icy then be careful and accept that accidents happen during times like that. It's not another persons fault that the de-icer wasn't put down while you were walking on the sidewalk and slipped, life happens. It's not the kids fault NOR is it a public safety hazard that you got hit in the head with a soccer ball while walking past a school yard. Did you hear about that one? Look it up. A school in Toronto BANNED any type of ball from the school yard because a mother walking past the soccer field was hit in the head by a mis-hit soccer ball.


Do we need a sign that says "WARNING: Children at play". We have that announcement at hockey and baseball games now because as a society we feel it's the responsibility of others to watch out for our own personal safety rather than our own. I'm sorry, but the fact that you can't watch hockey and text on your phone at the same time is not our fault. If you're in an area where something CAN fly out and hit you and you know that's a possibility with common sense then you should accept a simple fact of reality.... accidents... happen.That said, this isn't even the prime example of what I intended to talk about. Most importantly is ones personal responsibility while drinking. We have enough commercials, radio ads, banners, posters and other things reminding people NOT to drink and drive. And for good reason. If you're stupid enough to have 6 drinks (or even one for some people) and get behind the wheel fully knowing that you're more than a little impaired then you deserve everything coming to you and god forbid that someone else should pay that price for you. Why doesn't this limit then transfer into ones responsibilities in a public place as well? Or onto the friends of said person to turn to them and say "That's enough [insert name here]. It's time to go. Now."


You know what I do for a living. I'm an enter


tainer. A musician. Someone who plays on stage for the purpose of having a good time in a public area. Constantly we're asked by girls "can I come up on stage?" and inevitably we say "no". It's not a hard concept. We say no for a couple of reasons:


1) Would you like it if i came into your workspace and starting dancing on you? Imagine you're sitting in your cubical and then I come in smelling of beer, leaning on you cause I can't stand up right and putting my hands all over your paper work or whatever you're doing and pretending I'm just having a good time. Ya ... you'd hate me. And it'd be inappropriate. Nobody would argue that.


2) It's not really our choice to say no most times, but we have to say no. Not only do we know that there are lots of cables and stands and other various things on stage for you to trip on in an inebriated state, but we also know that we have a bunch of expensive gear that you could easily break on a stage that's a sometimes a good height off the ground and if you fall .. ... .. it's gonna hurt. (especially if our singer happens to "nudge" you in the process of falling. .. .. don't look at me like that)


3) Liability. Who's liable for when you do get hurt? When you fall and break you arm? When you break our $10,000 drum kit by falling on it? Is the bar responsible for your safety for you being an idiot? Is the band for not kicking you off? Either way, nobody except the idiot joining us on stage, should have to take on that responsibility for your safety. We have a job to do (a fun job, but a job none the less) and we certainly can't stop everything we're doing to accommodate you and make sure you're ok. So to summarize, STAY OFF OUR STAGE!!!


Last weekend we were playing a casino stage for St.Patty's day. We had an older woman come up and ask to come on stage .. we said no. She then promptly ignored us and went up anyway and when the sound guy and security came over and, politely, asked her to remove herself she swore at them, slapped at them, almost pushed the security guard, used excessive amounts of profanity towards someone only doing their job, and then refused to leave to top it all off. Her friends, the entire time, we're far too embarrassed to intervene, but in this humble musicians opinion, the responsibility of someone who's far too drunk to realize their own actions now has to be passed on to them. That's when you as the friend step in and say "it's time to go". Every one there knows it. For the love of god just go before security carries you out by your feet.


To top it off, last night we had a VERY drunk young woman (anti depressants we found out) want up on stage and again we said "no". She decided to come up anyway, but in a less classy way then the previous example. She stood up on a chair, then put her foot on a rather unstable table, and took down every glass, wine bottle and phone adorning the table with her before brutally slicing her hand open on the resulting broken glass. She told security that someone pushed her when she refused to leave and was bleeding all over the place. An ambulance eventually came for her. Again, where were her friends? Oh ya .. they were WATCHING THE WHOLE THING!!!


When as a society did this become ok? When did we suddenly turn around and accept this type of behaviour as normal or acceptable? And more importantly, why are we empowering these individuals? People sue companies all the time for "un-safe conditions" when it's their own common sense that should've said 'this is a bad idea' or, at the very least, their friends. Bars are shut down because of over serving and yes I can understand that they should be to a point. If someone is clearly beyond wrecked then it's time to cut them off, but if you serve them two drinks and then they drive home and kill someone it's not the bars fault for doing so, it's the driver and anyone that they're with. If you slip and fall down the stairs at home with no one around who do you sue? Nobody right? Accidents happen. In public, they happen. It's not always someone else's fault. If you're out drinking and you or your friends don't stop you from doing so and hurting yourself or others, it's not the bars responsibility, it's your fault.


I'm tired of the ridiculousness. I'm tired of the blame. I'm tired of hearing stories about people causing injury due to stupidity. I'm tired of hearing about kids who aren't learning because their parents blame the teachers for their own lack of discipline on their children who get to play video games and watch movies all day. I'm tired of hearing that it's someone else's fault that you were allowed to use your blackberry or iPhone while walking and you acidentally walked into the street and were mauled by a car. I'm tired of people passing the buck. I have my faults. I have my weaknesses. Everyone needs to start owning up to theirs because I'm tired of living and interacting in a world where our future children need to live in bubble wrap and be coddled until their down high school or more just because we can't take responsibility for our own mistakes or can't accept the simple truth of life. ... Shit happens.

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