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Autism Speaks: Light It Up Blue

April 1, 2013

Sometimes people say to me 'I wish I could be like you'. My usual response to this is "I wish I could be like my sister", Leigh Marie


My sister Leigh has been a teacher for more than a few years now and has been teaching a special education class of Autistic children for the majority of those years. She does it with a sense of love, caring and selflessness that few people show in their lifetime, let alone the short time she has had with these kids.


Leigh constantly strives to raise awareness for the disability and improve the lives of those she cares for. In the summer time, when most teachers take the time to relax and kick back, Leigh helps organize a camp which includes Autistic campers in an effort give them childhood experiences that many with this disability miss out on.


While many people strive to be like their childhood heros, their idols and their favourite sports stars, I can honestly say I strive to be more like my sister (but don't tell her that).


Please help support "Autism Speaks: Light It Up Blue" and her campaign to raise awareness at the link below:




It doesn't take much to be a hero to someone.




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